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Let’s face it… a website may make or break your business… it can also take your company to the next level, so it is a very important decision and one that we don’t take lightly.

We focus on three things at WebWorx Technology…

Below are some of the questions that you may have. You can always contact us if you have more questions or would like to start today.

The WebWorx Technology Difference

Why WebWorx Technology

Meeting your budget and exceeding your expectations is what we do…

We are a United States based technology company located in Cental Florida that specializes in Website development. Not only are we are dedicated to our clients but we are also committed to seeing that the project is completed successfully, on time and that the website performs at a high level.

We can develop on numerous platforms and stay current on all the latest technology… there isn’t a site, industry or application that we can’t do for our clients. All of our sites are 21st century ready and very capable and come with all the latest Social Networking, Social Media, Search Engine & Audio/Media tools that are out there.

We take care of all the details… the big ones along with the small ones that many other developers seem to miss. We are also business owners and develop,manage & operate our own websites so unlike many other “developers”… we know how sites operate in the “real world.” It isn’t just “theory” with us!

We will stay in constant communication with you however, if you just want to give us our marching orders and don’t want to be bothered until it’s done – we can do that too. We work quickly and in a very efficient manner… your project will NOT ever go into the “it’s taking forever” category… We are thorough in what we do and ensure that every possible advantage is given to our clients and their websites.

Dollar for Dollar… Byte for Byte – you will not find another Website Development company that has not only the best bang for the development dollar in the marketplace… but we also do it with World Class Service and only utilize the best technology.

The Process

We keep the process very simple at WebWorx Technology.

It may seem like a lot of steps listed below, but it’s common sense, easy to implement and proven! The steps below are typical of what to expect (although may be changed up if your project needs it). There are NO surprises with us… you know what you will get before we write one line of code!

1. The client contacts us by calling (772) 228-1622‬, by email, or submitting their project for a quote.

2. We will quickly respond back to the client and find out the features, functions and other important bits of information along with all the needs & wants that they have for their website.

3. We will analyze all of the data and formulate a plan and design a blueprint for the site.

4. We will go over the ideas that we have for the site with the client and come to an agreement on what the site will be.

5. The price will be worked out, typically we will ask for 50% upfront, and the final 50% upon the site being finished. This isn’t set in stone as every project is different but that is the typical scenario. We can accept PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We will also accept Money orders or Checks but we will wait until they properly clear before beginning any work.

6. The client will email or upload any files, graphics, content that they have that will help with the building of the site. If we are hosting the site, they will email us the login credentials for the account where they registered their domain (i.e. godaddy). We will then point their domain to our servers.

7. Once the initial payment has been satisfied, we will install the framework, put in the site security and begin the work. Sometimes we will build the site right on their domain and sometimes we will build it locally on our computer and then upload it when its nearly complete and at times we will install it on our demo site on our own server – i.e. yoursite.webworxtechnology.com until the site is nearly complete and then we will switch it over to your domain. We are flexible and accommodating and always take the correct path in developing your site.

8. We will efficiently work on the site and make solid progress daily. At about the midway point, after the home page is in along with some other key items, we will have the client review it to make sure we are on the right path (we also do quick-checks through-out the process to make sure that the client is getting what they wanted and that there are no surprises). Once the client is satisfied with the work up to that point, they will pay the 2nd milestone (if there was one negotiated) and we will continue our work until the revision stage.

9. We will go over the site with the client and make any changes that they want until they are satisfied and are within the scope of the project. If anything extra is needed, we will be more than happy to offer a quote for those items. Normally, we include so many things that it is rare that we need to do add-on quotes.

10. Once all the revisions are done, we will thoroughly do a final checking and testing of the site. Make sure the security is working well, that the site is optimized for the search engines and that everything is running smoothly and at a high performance level.

11. Once the client is completely satisfied, we will accept their final payment and ensure that we exceeded their expectations.

12. We will educate our clients on the usage of their site and train them on any items that were discussed along with items that we know that they will need to know to maintain/manage their site (all of our sites are easy to use once we complete the development of them and we always ensure that you know how to run your own site).

13. We will then completely turn over the site to the client along with all the login credentials for emails, back + frontend for the site itself and anything else that they should have – including any code to the site.

14. We offer continued support and we are quick to help out when we need to!

World Class Service is our standard… anything less is not the WebWorx Technology way!

What We Can Do

We cover every type of site in every type of industry in the marketplace.

We are extremely experienced in the most popular and proven platforms and can deliver the site that you need, that you want and that you should expect!

We are experts in the proven CMS platforms such as Joomla & WordPress and can also do top tier ecommerce sites using 3dCart or BigCommerce.

The list of the types of sites we can do are endless. Here is a list of many of the sites we often do (as you see it’s quite extensive):

Advertising | Band Site | Blog | Business | Business Directories | Church | Classified Ad Sites | Corporate | Charities | Community Portal | Custom Worx | Ebay Type Sites | Ecommerce / Shopping Cart | Educational | Event Site | Family Sites | Groupon Type Sites | Government | Hosting | Informational | Joomla | Marketing | Membership Sites | Mobile Sites | Music Site / Portal | Non-Profits | Online Magazines | Online Newspapers | Organizational Web Sites | Personal | Product Launch Sites | Real Estate | Restaurant | Salon | School | Site Doctor | Small Business Site | Social Networking | Video Portal | WordPress | Mixed (Combo of any of the Categories)

If you need a great site – Contact WebWorx Technology Today!

Do it Yourself???

Don’t waste time and still do it wrong – hire a pro.

Like any other important aspect of your life… if you want something done at a high level and it’s not your area of expertise – you should hire a pro to do it. There are a lot of template services out there including many with the hosting companies that have “wizards” that can put up a site for you in a “few minutes.” The problem with many of these sites is that they look like that it took just a few minutes, aren't optimized, none of them are ever fully functional sites and many have glaring security issues. I have yet to find a cheap or “free” quick site that completely covered all of a client’s needs or was optimized properly for the search engines.

Another thing that people sometimes do is try to code in Joomla or WordPress sites themselves. These are marketed as being easy to use… and anyone with some computer knowledge can put up a quick & basic Joomla or WordPress site within a few hours of work… but unless you know how to setup your .htaccess files, setup your server and know how to properly secure your site – it will be hacked pretty quickly. It’s not a matter of “if” but when! Also, the site that you put up on your own most likely will not be optimized properly for the search engines, calls to action, etc. and will not have a professional look that your clients have come to expect from high quality companies and your site surely wont have all the functionality that you will want.

Joomla and WordPress are very powerful but to get all the juice out of them – you really need to know what you are doing. We have found that most people who try to go the route of doing it themselves almost always end up going to a pro website developer after being frustrated with the process of going solo and get sick of wasting hours & hours of their time.

What About the Cheap Guys?

We have plans for almost any project.

There are companies and individuals out there who have way below market rates… some are people who did a site for a family member or friend and threw together some free template site and now claim to be a pro… others are based in places like India, Pakistan and what was the communist block of Eastern Europe where their cost of living is so low that they can price their services cheaper than most of us here in the United States can… however, there is a price to pay.

The forums are littered with people who initially “went cheap” and then end up paying double as they had to hire a qualified web developer to finish what the “cheap guy” couldn’t do or messed up. That doesn’t even count loss revenue, missed opportunities and losing hair or going more grey due to the frustration and drama…

Different time zones, differences in culture and communication issues (even if they claim to speak English) are just a few of the items that we hear that are problematic. Being treated like you are “just another customer” or being put on hold because they over booked their schedule are other things that we hear that have messed up people in the past.

We all know how frustrating it can be when you call tech or customer support and hearing someone who doesn't natively speak the same language that you do and/or have the same "nuances" – rarely is it a pleasant or productive experience. Now imagine how it’s going to feel when the drama is ramped up over something as important as the site that you need built? Imagine trying to convey your vision to someone who just doesn’t “get it.” Rage, frustration and irritation are just some of the things that you will be feeling if you go the “cheap route.” With our competitive prices and value based approach – you can get a superb site at affordable prices with us.

Hire WebWorx Technology today to get what you need done quickly, efficiently and at a high level!

Customer Service

We provide timely and market leading World Class Service & Support

We provide World Class Customer Service… from the time we first communicate with you on through the development process and long after we hand the site over – we are here for you! Not only is it the right thing to and we are committed to it… we also want referrals from your friends, family, business friends, vendors, etc. We don’t earn those referrals unless we take care of you first!

We have numerous ways to stay in contact with you including email, skype and the telephone. All of our clients will tell you that there is no one quicker in terms of responding to a request, a change, revision, fix, email or a phone call.

We never leave our customers hanging and we take it as a badge of honor to be the “web guys” that our clients rely on when they need something done.

Hire us today to develop a new site, redesign your current site or fix a broken site that you may have and see why we have so many raving fans!

The Next Step

The Next Step… It’s REALLY EASY…

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We look forward to earning your business and thank you for the opportunity. 


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