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WordPress is arguably the most popular platform on the internet. Many think it’s just a simple blogging platform… others try to do their own sites and wonder why they don’t look like ours or function as well as it could… but the simple fact of the matter is WordPress, in the hands of a talented & skilled developer can be transformed into a high end website that has a ton of functionality.

This site that you are looking at right now is a WordPress site… doesn’t look like the run of the mill blog now does it!

Do NOT waste time hiring a low level coder to build you a high end site… don’t waste your own time trying to sort through it and do it yourself… many of our clients are people who spent hours trying to get a site right by themselves and failed or got so frustrated that they almost gave up on having a site altogether… or they managed to throw something up only to see it get hacked because they didn’t know what they were doing… our prices for great sites that are designed + develope properly are competitive enough that you can have a fully featured site that doesn’t look like a basic template website or just another online blog.

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Like with Joomla, we can develop all of these types of sites in WordPress:

Advertising | Band Site | Blog | Business | Business Directories | Church | Classified Ad Sites | Corporate | Charities | Community Portal | Custom Worx | Ebay Type Sites | Ecommerce / Shopping Cart | Educational | Event Site | Family Sites | Groupon Type Sites | Government | Hosting | Informational | Joomla | Marketing | Membership Sites | Mobile Sites | Music Site / Portal | Non-Profits | Online Magazines | Online Newspapers | Organizational Web Sites | Personal | Product Launch Sites | Real Estate | Restaurant | Salon | School | Site Doctor | Small Business Site | Social Networking | Video Portal | WordPress | Mixed (Combo of any of the Categories)


See why you should chose WebWorx to Design your next WordPress Site

The Price is Right

There are very few things nowadays that drive like a Ferrari but priced like a Hyundai. WebWorx Technology can develop a great looking high end professional site LOADED with features that you want & need at a price that will simply make you say, “WOW.”

Amazing Power in the Right Hands

WordPress is much more than just a popular blogging platform. In the right hands of a strong web developer, WordPress can create great looking sites that function at a high level… from Real Estate Agent, Company and Product/Service Info sites to full fledged online stores, auctions sites, classified sites as well as professional services/corporate websites. The list is long and WordPress has grown up from just a simple blogging tool.

Focus on Security

Because of the ease of use and popularity… wordpress sites are often targeted by hackers so it is imperative that you have the right person develop your website to help ensure the safety of it. At WebWorx Technology, we take the necessary steps to properly secure your site… something that less skilled developers generally do not do well and those who build their own sites often don’t know about it at all or do it poorly if they do. Any site can be hacked but why make it easy for them?

Power in Simplicity

One of the great things about WordPress is that it is very easy to use if it is developed properly. Once we build you a WordPress site, we will train you how to use it and we will ensure that you know how to run it without any problems. If do you run into an issue or need to expand the site, we are just a phone call or email away.

Make the Easy Choice…

We make it easy as possible to get your site up and running. Just click on the button below, fill out the easy to use form and we will review & analyze what you sent and reply back quickly with helpful information, a plan and a very competitive price. There is a reason that we are a 5 star developer and that our clients rave about us. Most of our business comes from referrals and that’s because we take care of our clients.


We can truly do it all from a great looking website design in wordpress to a shopping cart for wordpress and on through to a wordpress custom design that markets you or your company – look no further! Our WordPress web designs are top notch and we develop highly affordable wordpress websites.

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[testimonial company=”Alan Symonds, England” author=”Ian, Executive Mgt” image=”http://www.webworxtechnology.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/5starrateddesigner.jpg”]First class experience. Love our new site, and the design and professionalism of Michael’s work. Value for money tremendous. will be working again in the future…[/testimonial] [testimonial company=”Baseball Authority, Writer” author=”Dr. Jack” image=”http://www.webworxtechnology.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/5starrateddesigner.jpg”]He did a nice job working with a “Rookie”. Stayed in contact with me and responded to my questions immediately. He adapted to my needs and found a way to adjust so that the site was what I envisioned.[/testimonial]